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Hard to find data helps you close more deals, hit your quota, and advance your career by telling you who to call – and why – right now.

Did you know the hottest Advertising prospects leave paper trails that lead you right to their doorstep?

It’s true, the hottest advertising prospects do leave paper trails that lead you to them — and what you’ll find will blow your mind, save you time, and increase your sales. Now you can leverage this powerful data with the click of a button while kicking back in your chair.

Let me explain how it works:

Before anyone does anything in life, there’s usually something that happens before. You wanna buy a car? You’ll likely get a car loan before you go shopping. Did you just buy a tuxedo? You probably got an award or proposed to your girlfriend before you went shopping.

Are you seeing the pattern above?

That same pattern happens in the media business.

Before anyone spends their advertising budget on you – something happens before, and I’m not talking about cattle call style RFP’s… I’m talking about things that happen well before the RFP feeding frenzy you’re getting lost in.

Now you can unlock the money making (printing?) power of tracking those events. It’s called “Event Based Prospecting” and it lets you…

Beat The Sales Rat Race For Good

If you’re tired of feeling lost and want to beat the sales rat race, you need to sit down and buckle up because I’m gonna show you some hard won secrets that make your life easier, less stressful, and more profitable.

The average business is a lot like a slug – they leave paper trails everywhere they go, and if you know where to look, you can find explicit information and other clues about the future plans of a business.

Let me give you an example: Securities & Exchange Commission filings – specifically 10K and 8K.

These filings are not just financial, they’re also for public disclosure of what a business is doing, and virtually nobody reads them. Inside these multi-hundred page reports you can find not only disclosed advertising budgets, but also plans for future product launches, advertising strategies, how companies feel about past advertising strategies and much much more. Check out these snippets I just pulled out of the SEC from a Shoe Carnival 10-K filing and see for yourself:

Pretty cool, huh? It gets better….

Did you know there’s well over 400 governmental sources of information, many regarding public and private businesses, just at the US Federal Level? Did you know you can find revealing information about US advertisers in the public records of foreign governments? I bet you didn’t know that…

  • All products imported into the US (which is almost everything you advertise!) get listed on a shipping manifest the government keeps a public record of.

  • Lenders make public records of business loans by leaving notices that they’re in line to claim assets put up as collateral (big assets = big money).

  • Regulated industries create paper trails regarding new products that need approval before being sold, let alone advertised.

  • Private fund raising efforts are publicly reported along with just how much money was raised.

I could go on for much longer, but I think you get the point. There is a literal sea of data out there and many of these events are strong indicators of future ad campaigns, giving you plenty of time to beat your competitors to the punch.

It’s simply amazing what you can find when you know where to look – but here’s the bad news:

It’s slow, difficult, and often times hard to understand these documents due to complicated legal language. Seriously, I practically became an attorney studying all this stuff! These documents can also be hard to even get your hands on depending on the source. It’s a slow, confusing headache doing all the legwork.

You don’t have that kind of time. You have a quota to hit. You need this information. Right. Now. You need the Media Black Book prospecting platorm – the tool I built that lets you unlock the power of advertiser public records.

Give Yourself the Power to Track the Business Activities of Over 3.4 Million Brands

Analyzing tens of millions of records each month from a large number of public record sources that are often times difficult to access (search engines and chatbots can’t even access many of them) and process (many terabytes of data), Media Black Book monitors advertisers of all sizes across the US market and discovers hot new advertisers others are ignoring or don’t even know exist.

Now you can monitor advertisers who have the best reasons to buy your services:

  • Launching entirely new brands (talk about a great reason to buy your inventory, right?)

  • Re-branding their company or major product lines

  • Re-designing their product packaging

  • Major re-designs of physical locations

  • Expanding existing brand line-ups

  • Entering entirely new product categories (ie. McDonald’s launching a plant burger)

  • Recently raised investment capital (and you’ll know how much)

  • Taken major loans from banks and private equity companies

  • Acquired another companies brands

  • Recent name changes (another big reason to advertise!)

A typical monthly update can have as many as 10,000+ prospects to choose from and goes well beyond national level advertisers to include 1,000’s of local and regional accounts

Get access to detailed advertiser profiles that show you:

  • Estimated media spend breakdowns *

  • Advertiser top Brands breakdown

  • General firmographic information (address, website, phone number, etc.)

  • Detailed corporate family breakdowns *

  • Advertiser contacts *

  • Agency partners sorted by Brand *

  • Agency partner contacts *

  • Detailed activity reports spanning the previous 12 months plus a 12 month forecast +

* When available

+ Forecasts only available for select accounts