Media Black Book monitors the business activities of over 3.4 million brands every month. Regardless of who you sell to – national, regional, or local advertisers – you’ll be able to find valuable time saving information inside Media Black Book.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. The back end system has over 100,000 companies matched to an agency. Matches are broken down by brand.

Yes. We have over 4.4 million company contacts and about 200,000+ agency contacts. We are continually monitoring for new contact data.

The back end system has over 1.7 million company profiles and over 50,000 ad agency profiles.

The monthly report typically has over 10,000 companies controlling around 100,000 brands with connections to 30,000 agencies.

Yes, we have overall ad spend estimates for each profile and for select profiles, media spend breakdowns by media type. The breakdowns are strictly estimates and based on longer term historical data.

Yes. The back end system will eventually be put online, but until then, you can purchase list exports.

Yes, but it’s not currently available to the public because it’s still being developed.

Yes, you can search for them and if they are in the report, you’ll use 1 credit, if not, you won’t use any credits. Bulk monitoring is being developed.

Yes. For teams, please call (801)-638-2882 for details.