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Discover 1.8 Million Companies Controlling 3.4 Million Brands

Media Black Book specializes in monitoring companies who invest into their brands, marketing, and advertising efforts. We are selective in what companies get into our data sets, so you get the best results. Unlike other big box data providers, Media Black Book allows you to target companies using parameters that are specifically tailored to the needs of ad agencies, media companies, and production houses that make your life easier when you begin your outreach. 

Unlock The Power of Advertiser Specific Targeting Parameters

It’s said that once a person buys a product more than one time, the odds of repeat purchases increases dramatically. A list of companies with a strong history of ad agency usage is a potent tool for building agency new business.

Unlike other sources of advertising budget estimates, Media Black Book’s methodology allows us to cover 1.8 million companies. From small local businesses to major international companies, we cover the entire spectrum of companies while most other sources only cover 30K or less advertisers that are typically only national level while ignoring regional and local level advertisers all together.

Isolate companies with a history of using the following media formats:

  • Incentives / Rewards
  • Print
  • SEO / SEM
  • TV
  • Social Media
  • Radio
  • Programmatic
  • Sponsorships
  • In Store
  • Online Media
  • Video
  • Out of Home
  • Direct Mail
  • Publications
  • Content
  • Tradeshows

*Available for select profiles

Our unique data set allows for powerful keyword targeting other data providers simply cannot provide. Most data providers only allow for targeting based on NAICS or SIC codes that are often times full of errors or too vague to be useful.

The bigger the portfolio, the bigger the workload available.

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